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Been using Aqua Coat for years. Easy to spray, clean up, great durability.

George VondriskaWoodworking Guru

I didn't want to spend $15,000 on new kitchen and bathroom cabinets and decided to use your product. We are so happy with the results. Thank you again for giving us an affordable option when updating our kitchen and bathroom.


Over the years I've struggled finding a water base finish that has the clarity and look as a lacquer. So far this is the closest I've sprayed. Another product from Aqua Coat I love!

Tara Lou Designs

It turned out beautiful and is still holding up after 1-1/2 years. Nice product.

Smocke Guitars


Walnut Cookie Table by Woodworking Guru George Vondriska using Aqua Coat

Take a look at woodworking guru, George Vondriska's walnut cookie table.  He top coated it using Aqua Coat's Aqua Thane Topcoat.  It's so shiny you can see the image of the card in the table. Thank you George for this image of this shiny table.  It turned out great!  Follow George on Instagram @vondriskaworks for more of his amazing work and more images of this table. We are always...

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20-Year Old Restored Dining Set

"We bought this 20-year old rustic oak dining table with 6 ladder back chairs.  Prep was a HUGE job with turned legs on the table supports and on the legs of each chair.  After staining I used the Aqua Coat Clear Grain Filler and finished the set with the Aqua Coat Tabletop Commercial Finish.This turned out pretty nicely I think." This turned out great Mark.  Thank you for sending...

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Kitchen and Vanity Before and After Images From a Happy Customer

"Long days were spent prepping the cabinets for the final coat of paint! But man was it all worth it!  The Aqua Coat really made a difference!" Thank you Jean for sending us pictures of your transformed kitchen and bathroom vanity using Aqua Coat products.  We are always looking to hear about new projects from customers.  Please send your pictures to sales@aquacoat.com so we can proudly display them for you.

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Two Projects Done With Aqua Coat From a Happy Customer

"This is a project I completed on a piece of mesquite using Aqua Coat Sanding Sealer, Clear Grain Filler, and Aqua Coat Satin Lacquer. Great products!  Here is another project I completed for a friend using Aqua Coat Satin Lacquer; a coffee table based on a pioneer buckboard wagon seat. Great product! Thank you Adam for sending us pictures of this beautiful sign and coffee table using Aqua Coat products.  We are always...

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