Professional quality

Proven, eco-friendly, water-based wood finishes. Trusted by many industries. We will work with you.
Faster, Safer Production


Aqua Coat’s full line of wood coatings and finishing products provide value for manufacturers of wood building products by delivering exceptional performance and a flawless finish.

Our products are developed for the industrial market. We have a complete list of wood finishes and the ability to develop custom products to fit different needs.   Aqua Coat’s products provide chemical and physical properties, cost-effectiveness, and an attractive finish.

Speed Up Production


Within the millwork and woodworking industry, each piece of wood brings its own sets of challenges.  Consistency is important whether you are finishing a new project or the next production run.  You can achieve consistency by working with Aqua Coat’s high-quality water based finishes.  We are currently serving manufactures in:

  • Cabinet and casework
  • Trim
  • Doors
  • Shutters
  • Wooden boxes
  • Shelving units
  • Picture frames
  • Stair parts
Long-lasting Finish

Cabinet Makers

Aqua Coat has a complete line of products that offer cabinet manufacturers water based products that deliver exceptional performance and a flawless finish.

Consumers want beautiful cabinets that will withstand the test of time.  Count on Aqua Coat for cabinet finishes that provide both exceptional performance and the beautiful appearance customers expect.

Durability and Beauty

Furniture Manufacturing

Whether you specialize in office, residential, hospitality or commercial furniture, you can count on Aqua Coat for finishes that provide exceptional performance, appearance and durability. At home and the office, furniture is a constant in daily life. Consumers expect beautiful finishes that are also durable enough to withstand the rigors of life, while you continuously seek efficient and cost-effective solutions.   

Aqua Coat can customize a wood coating just for you that offers the performance, the durability, and the beauty that gets noticed in the front office, on the manufacturing floor, and in your showroom.

All about the details

Musical Instruments

When creating a musical instrument, there are many design, process and material choices to make.  Musical Instruments that are made of wood have differences in the quality of them not only based on the ease of playing or looks but also concerning the sound.  Sound is very important in every musical instrument that is made of wood.  One part of the instrument's sound is dependent on the finishes that are applied to that instrument. 

Aqua Coat produces high-quality water based finishes that provide an attractive finish and meet the requirements of the musical instrument industry.  We supply environmentally friendly products to many manufacturers of musical instruments and master luthiers. Our line of products will help produce a beautiful-looking and sounding musical instrument. Aqua Coat is the industry leader in prefinishing your guitar to get a glass smooth finish.

Environmentally safe

Wooden Toys

Kids are known for exploring their world using their mouths rather than their hands, and parents often find themselves concerned about safety. It’s easy to identify small parts or choking hazards, but knowing whether the finishes on those wooden toys are safe is another matter entirely.  

Aqua Coat's eco-friendly and safe finishes can be used on children’s wooden toys without worry.   We make high-quality, environmentally friendly wood finishes for children's toys and furniture to withstand daily play and be passed down.  Our water based line of products can be used to get a beautiful finish on everything from a handmade desk to a train and all kinds of wooden toys in between.

Bulk Pricing and Custom Wood Finishes

Aqua Coat strives to provide value-added services and high-quality, water-based, eco-friendly finishes for our customers. Whether you are a woodworking professional in cabinets, furniture or millwork, we have the right water-based products to bring your finish successfully to life.  Send us your information and we will contact you to develop a solution tailored to your needs.