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No questions or complaints here. I just want to express how appreciative I am that you have how-to videos on your website! It’s a bear just to find simple instructions for many of the finishing products I use. Anyway, kudos to your company for providing these videos and saving me time in scouring the internet for this information! “ (Ben, Dec. 2023)

(White Grain Filler) “I think I have tried every grain filler out there!  I got tired of not being pleased with my results and making my own was a hassle and messy.  Aqua Coat goes on with the perfect consistency.  Easy to apply and dries fast.  Most importantly, it leaves behind one of the smoothest finishes once it is painted.  Clients always ask how I get pieces so smooth. I always say - you gotta grain fill and you gotta try Aqua Coat!" (Beth, Nov. 2023)

(Aqua Thane) "Not only do I use Aqua Thane by Aqua Coat because it is just an incredible finish but also because of the "Great Service and Advice" I know I'll always get from Aqua Coat.  I may be a small shop but there are hundreds of boxes living all over the world I've fabricated and finished with Aqua Thane Gloss.  These boxes are Heirlooms that will be around for a long time and I have confidence knowing they will always look great because I use Aqua Coat." (Richard, August 2023)

(Clear Grain Filler) "I learned of Aqua Coat from a Facebook post and heard nothing but great things. It was so easy to use, clean up and then sand! It left an astonishingly flat surface for the primer and subsequent paint/clearcoat. 
The wood filling process is crucial. I like Aqua Coat because it fills grain but allows the wood to breathe and resonate, which is super critical for a guitar! It has been my honor to use Aqua Coat and it will now be my go-to for all my future projects!" (July, 2023)

(White Grain Filler) "This was a huge job. Aqua Coat White Cabinet Grain Filler was essential in achieving the results we were shooting for. And the homeowner was very pleased with the outcome. This product is amazing. I can't recommend this product enough. It's so easy to use too. It's now my only go-to filler for cabinet projects or any project I need to fill in wood grain." (June, 2023)

(White Grain Filler) "As a cabinet refinisher, I often come across oak cabinets with a very deep set grain, which is difficult to completely fill and paint. Enter Aqua Coat- this product does a beautiful job filling the grain in all of my oak projects. A single coat helps the paint go on smoothly and covers the pores, and built up over several layers, Aqua Coat hides the grain for my clients who want a smooth look on their projects! Definitely a product I keep on hand, and reach for regularly." (Andie, April 2023)

(Aqua Thane) "I am a Florida based restorer/woodworker, and it is brutal here for finishing due to the extremes in heat and humidity. Aqua Coat sprays beautifully, seems unaffected by high humidity, and has become my "go to" finish on a lot of projects, with beautiful, predictable results." (November, 2022)

(Clear Grain Filler) “I like the way wood looks with a clear grain filler, it gives depth to the finish.  For a long time, I would just spray lacquer on my instruments then sand down until I had the pores filled, a time consuming process.  Opaque grain fillers would leave stain where I did not want the color to be and are mostly solvent based making the process more toxic than I like.  When I found Aqua Coat, I was elated to have a product that was water based and clear.  I use Aqua Coat on all my guitars and the results speak for themselves.” (Michael, June 2022)

(Clear Grain Filler) “Your product was a lifesaver.  And it is so easy to use.  I only wish I had known about it earlier.” (Jackie, May 2022)

“You have created a very good product.  I am a very satisfied customer and keep up the good work.” (Eric, February 2022)

(PGF and Tabletop) This is the most forgiving clear that I have ever sprayed.  I used the gloss on birch butcher block countertops. The finish leveled out beautifully and it's very durable. In 7 months of everyday use in my kitchen the finish has held up perfectly. This is by far the best finishing product that I have used in 30 plus years of finishing." (Jim, January 2022)

(Clear Grain Filler) "Here are two of my favorite basses I've made this year, using Aqua Coat Grain Filler.  I love how easy it is to use, the quick drying time and that it won't shrink!  Compared to other fillers, Aqua Coat is simply wonderful!
Keep making amazing products!" (Allan, December 2021)

(Aqua Thane) "I have been fabricating hardwood keepsake boxes for 10 years. I manufactured these boxes inhouse and had outsourced the finishing that contained high VOCs and odor. After receiving complaints of the odors from my staff and customers, I decided to bring the finishing inhouse and look for an alternative. After checking around I decided to try Aqua Thane. The finish in not only stunning it is very durable. The decision has made my customers and staff happier using low odor/low VOC products. Now I have not only confidence that my customers will be thrilled, I also know they will breathe safe! (Rich, Nov. 2021)


(Clear Grain Filler) "We used a piece of ash, stained it and applied 4 coats of shellac. We then applied 3 coasts of black tinted grain filler to enhance the grain and finished the ashtray with some tung oil.

We enjoyed working with the Aqua Coat grain filler as it is easy to use and tints very well. It also gave our ashtray the smooth glassy look we were looking for.” (Scoppa Cabana, July 2021)


(White Grain Filler)"I used Aqua Coat and I’m very happy with the results I got. I was very intimidated to get started because I was worried the product was going to be hard to work with, but it really was very easy. I’m so happy I found this product!!  (Winfred, May 2021)


(Topcoat)"Great product and easy to use and resulted in a finish that completely hides the fact that it's made out of wood. It's a humidor with a hidden drawer. Your product really made it look great."  (Nick, May 2021)


(Topcoat)"These are some of the things I have created with the help of your products. The end product is only as good as the finish that is placed. The Aqua Coat products are easy to apply and easy to create the final finish that the customer or creator wishes."  (Raymond, May 2021)

(Aqua Tone Stain, Lacquer)"I absolutely love your products. The top is done with a single coat of your Aqua Tone water-based stain, followed by 2-3 coats of your water-based clear satin top coat, sprayed. I've been using this approach for years, and never a customer complaint."  Richard, April 2021

(White Grain Filler)"Loving the Aqua Coat product, nothing even comes close!"  (Decked Out Home Improvement Painting and Pressure Washing, April 2021)

(Clear Grain Filler)"We bought this 20-year old rustic oak dining table with 6 ladder back chairs. Prep was a HUGE job with turned legs on the table supports and on the legs of each chair. After staining I used the Aqua Coat Clear Grain Filler and finished the set with the Aqua Coat Tabletop Commercial Finish. This turned out pretty nicely I think."  (Mark, April 2021)

(White Grain Filler)"Long days were spent prepping the cabinets for the final coat of paint! But man was it all worth it! The Aqua Coat really made a difference!"  (Jean, March 2021)

(X119, Clear Grain Filler, Lacquer)"This is a project I completed on a piece of mesquite using Aqua Coat Sanding Sealer, Clear Grain Filler, and Aqua Coat Satin Lacquer. Great products! Here is another project I completed for a friend using Aqua Coat Satin Lacquer; a coffee table based on a pioneer buckboard wagon seat. Great product!  (Adam, March 2021)

(White Grain Filler)“My kitchen cabinets are in great shape, but the honey oak wasn’t working for me. Instead of paying thousands of dollars for a company to paint them for me, I decided to DIY. Aside from a new cabinet color, a smooth finish was also important to me for this upgrade. I used Aqua Coat White Cabinet Grain Filler. It was really easy to use and gave my cabinets new life! I bought the 1-quart size and even after 27 doors and 8 drawers, each with two coats, I still have some leftover. Products like this are what gives us DIYers the confidence to tackle big projects and feel proud of our work!”  (Lindsay, March 2021)

(Clear Grain Filler, Topcoat, Cross-Linker)"I used Aqua Coat grain filler and topcoat with retarder to allow flow out. A great water-based product. My guitar finish is very tough. Love the product! Not going back to oil, ever. The Cross-Linker adds the toughness required for long-term beauty. Thank you Aqua Coat."  (Tom, March 2021)

(White Grain Filler)“We found that we didn't like how the grain was showing through the paint, so our older cabinets needed a little more prep work in order to get the look we were after.  We found Aqua Coat product is really easy to apply and it fills the grain nicely without a ton of sanding required.” (@amandasellsbeaverton Mar. 2021)

(White Grain Filler)“I applied my first coat of the pore grain filler, after 30 minutes it was dry.  I then applied a third coat and once that dried I sanded with 320, 600, 1000 and 1500.  The wood finish was like glass.  I tried using just lacquer on a scrap piece and it took eight coats just to fill the grain.  There is no way I was going to do that on 10 pieces of wood, it would cost me too much money and way too much time.  I am a firm believer of Aqua Coat.  I will use this product anytime I am working with wood to fill the grain, my project is coming out beautiful.  Thank you Aqua Coat for a fantastic product that is saving me nothing but time and money.” (Ron, Feb. 2021)

(Clear Grain Filler)“Awesome product! I use it to fill pores in the guitars I have built. I also used it on an oak cabinet I was painting and it turned out awesome. Highly recommend.” (all_things_woodworking Feb. 2021)

(White Grain Filler)"I was in the middle of refinishing my cabinets, after spraying two coats of primer, I was not happy with how much grain was still showing through. You assured me the white grain filler would do the trick and it really did. I applied the grain filler and another coat of primer before applying two coats of paint. The cabinets came out great. I am very pleased with your product and your customer service."  (Beth, January, 2021)

(Clear Grain Filler)"Thank you for making an amazing product that was super easy to work with. I wouldn’t have been able to do what I wanted without you!  Aqua coat not only made the surface glassy smooth, along with the dye it really made the open grain structure of the elm stand out!"  (Chad, Jan. 2021)

(Clear Lacquer)“Knotty Mood Design specializes in most anything wood...from custom kitchens to unique craft items. Furniture is a passion. Everything I build requires only the best materials....from the raw wood to the best hardware to the best finishing products. In the 18 years I have been taking perfectly good boards and turning them into sawdust, I have used at least a half dozen clear water-based clear finishes. Aqua Coat has the requirements that I look for in a top end semigloss clear finish...low odor, good shooting characteristics, good build, quick dry time, application in a wide temperature range, durable hardness, and easy "smoothability. I use a top-line spray gun so why not use a top-line clear coat?"  (Knotty Mood Designs, Dec. 2020)

(White Grain Filler)“Have been using your stains and waterborne for probably near 20 years.  A superior product for sure.  Also, use them on dozens of refinished kitchens every year.” (Robert, Nov. 2020)

(Clear Lacquer, Aqua Thane)“Been using Aqua Coat for years.  Easy to spray, clean up, great durability.” (Vondriskaworks, Oct. 2020)

(White Grain Filler)“I just want to tell you how pleased I am to have found out about your product.  My husband and I are painting 30-year-old oak cabinets.  I tried filling the grain with some other products, without much luck.  Aqua Coat white grain filler was a life saver for me.  It’s amazing stuff and as you can see it gives your cabinets a completely smooth finish.  I tell anyone starting a project as big as ours, save yourself the trouble and use Aqua Coat white grain filler to smooth out your oak cabinets.  You’ll love the results.  I love that it’s easy to use, it cleans up with water and hardly has any odor.  I thought you’d like to know that you have a very satisfied customer in me.” (Janet, Oct. 2020)

(Clear Grain Filler)“I used 3 thin coats of Aqua Coat grain filler on the tabletop so it was extra smooth.  I love this product for pieces that have an open grain and I want a smooth, sleek surface to paint.”  (Newbac Designs, Oct. 2020)

(Aqua Seal Sanding Sealer, Clear Lacquer)“As a conservator/restorer of fine furniture, I was looking for a water-based system to replicate the look and clarity of a shellac finish.  I have used the X-119 product in the past, but was pleasantly surprised with the outcome and clarity of the Aqua Seal sealer, and the lacquer provided a beautiful topcoat with exceptional depth, and color over my dye/gel stain base.  No toxic solvents to mess with, no reaction to the high humidity of western Florida, and to the untrained and trained eye, a shellac look alike finish that brings out the grain and beauty of this 160+ year old chair. Thanks for the great products. “ (Greg, Oct. 2020)

(White Grain Filler)“I wanted to thank you for creating Aqua Coat white cabinet filler.  I didn’t want to spend $15,000 on new kitchen and bathroom cabinets and decided to use your product.  We are so happy with the results.  Thank you again for giving us an affordable option when updating our kitchen and bathroom.  Thank you for creating Aqua Coat!!” (Cindy, Oct. 2020)

(Clear Lacquer)“Over the years I’ve struggled finding a water base finish that has the same clarity and look as a lacquer.  So far this is the closest I’ve eve sprayed.  A lot of refinishing jobs I am only restoring the tops of a table or dresser.  Although I can get the color and sheen water based still looks different.  Another product from Aqua Coat I love!!” (Tara, Oct 2020)

(White Grain Filler)“This is the first time we tried it, and we are really impressed!  So was the customer.” (Clark’s Painting, Oct 2020)

(Clear Grain Filler)“The Aqua Coat was the perfect product to fill all the grain and holes without losing the pine look.  Without the Aqua Coat to fill the grain and seal the wood the transfer would not work at all.”  (Dassart, Sept 2020)

(Topcoat)“Just finished my first set of cornhole boards using Aqua Coat Top Coat Semigloss.  Very smooth and bubble-free finish.  Used a foam pad floor applicator.  Just a really great result.” (Paul, Sept 2020)

(Clear Grain Filler, Topcoat)“I have been using your product exclusively as my finish of choice on my custom guitars.” (Dave, Aug 2020)

“It turned out beautiful and is still holding up after 1 ½ years.  Nice product.” (Smocke Guitars, July 2020)

“Amazing finish and easy application.” (Patrick, July 2020)

(White Grain Filler)“Our first time using Aqua Coat grain filler on our deep pores of this birch that we stain matched and clear coated to replace a water damage cabinet end and kicker.  Awesome stuff.” (TB Painting, June 2020)

(White Grain Filler)“This product is fantastic!  We have red cabinets that I wanted to paint off white.  We wanted to kill the grain so I practiced on our laundry room.  They are beautiful!  I just ordered enough to hopefully finish my kitchen.”( April 2020)