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Who is Aqua Coat?

More than two decades ago, Aqua Coat formulated a line of environmentally friendly, waterborne wood finishing products.  This was in response to regulatory oversight and increasing customer demands. The industry was and continues to trend away from harsh chemicals during the manufacturing processes. 

Why Do Business with Us

Aqua Coat specializes in helping manufacturers navigate and implement water-based products into their processes by offering a complete water-based finishing system.  Our customer service is dedicated to keeping your projects on schedule and we take great pride in contributing to your needs.  We have the right products to bring your finish successfully to life.


I think I have tried every grain filler out there!  I got tired of not being pleased with my results and making my own was a hassle and messy.  Aqua Coat goes on with the perfect consistency.  Easy to apply and dries fast.  Most importantly, it leaves behind one of the smoothest finishes once it is painted.  Clients always ask how I get pieces so smooth. I always say - you gotta grain fill and you gotta try Aqua Coat!

November 2023

The wood filling process is crucial. I like Aqua Coat because it fills grain but allows the wood to breathe and resonate, which is super critical for a guitar! It has been my honor to use Aqua Coat and it will now be my go-to for all my future projects!

July 2023

Not only do I use Aqua Thane by Aqua Coat because it is just an incredible finish but also because of the "Great Service and Advice" I know I'll always get from Aqua Coat.  I may be a small shop but there are hundreds of boxes living all over the world I've fabricated and finished with Aqua Thane Gloss.  These boxes are Heirlooms that will be around for a long time and I have confidence knowing they will always look great because I use Aqua Coat.

August 2023

This was a huge job. Aqua Coat White Cabinet Grain Filler was essential in achieving the results we were shooting for. And the homeowner was very pleased with the outcome. This product is amazing. I can't recommend this product enough. It's so easy to use too. It's now my only go-to filler for cabinet projects or any project I need to fill in wood grain.

June 2023

As a cabinet refinisher, I often come across oak cabinets with a very deep set grain, which is difficult to completely fill and paint. Enter Aqua Coat- this product does a beautiful job filling the grain in all of my oak projects. A single coat helps the paint go on smoothly and covers the pores, and built up over several layers, Aqua Coat hides the grain for my clients who want a smooth look on their projects! Definitely a product I keep on hand, and reach for regularly.

April 2023

I am a Florida based restorer/woodworker, and it is brutal here for finishing due to the extremes in heat and humidity. Aqua Coat sprays beautifully, seems unaffected by high humidity, and has become my "go to" finish on a lot of projects, with beautiful, predictable results.

November 2022

Easy Application and Sanding

Follow our simple steps, or watch some videos on how to easily apply Aqua Coat to your next project.

Fast Drying Times

A fast drying solution that doesn't slow down production, from a factory to a weekend project.

Safe handling

Non-flammable and non-combustible. Perfectly safe, eco-friendly, water-based products.

Low odor and low VOC

Easy to work in with in different environments, with low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and low odor.


Our products have a water based formula, which makes Aqua Coat friendly to the environment.

Easy water clean-up

Keep your work and work area clean with ease; just use water to stay tidy.

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