Applying Grain Filler can be Easy

aqua coat grain filler applicationHow easy is it to get a smooth finish on wood? Use Aqua Coat Grain Filler after cleaning, sanding, and/or staining, but before your top coat.

You can apply it with a soft cloth, using a circular motion, much like applying a paste wax. Or work it generously into open wood grain pores with a small squeegee or flexible putty knife. Make sure the grain is completely filled, then scrape or squeegee to remove excess.

Let dry for 30-45 minutes, then lightly sand with 320 grit paper. If the grain is not completely filled, repeat the application process. Allow to dry overnight and lightly sand before applying top coats.

We recommend 2-3 coats of Grain Filler to get that "smooth as glass" finish.

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