Case Study: La Lune Collection

“The product is excellent, service is wonderful, and we can get it quickly as we need it.” 


When Mario Costantini and his wife Cathy started making hand-crafted rustic furniture, they committed themselves to eco-friendly practices—“before eco-friendly was the fashionable thing to do,” Mario said. For instance, employees cut poplar and willow by hand within the state, avoiding damage to rainforests and long-distance transportation as they harvest the invasive species to make room for other trees.

Given the company’s environmentally friendly focus, Mario said, “We’re very conscious of the products we use.” He switched to Aqua Coat’s waterborne Clear Top Coat more than 10 years ago.

“We think the quality of Aqua Coat is excellent,” Mario said. “It’s all water-based, non-toxic, non-flammable, non-everything. Because we’re very natural, we want a finish that has a natural look. Aqua Coat doesn’t look like polyurethane or a plastic finish.”


Naturally Economical 

Mario and Cathy founded La Lune Collection in Milwaukee in 1978. The company has grown to a standard line of 600 items, in addition to custom pieces. Their high-end indoor and outdoor furniture resides in many stylish homes, as well as Marriott and Ritz Carlton hotels, Disney Resorts, other commercial installations, and Pottery Barn stores.

Mario sees Aqua Coat contributing to the company’s success. “The pricing is very fair and we get a really good finish with it. If we had higher costs for materials and labor to do the finishing, then of course we’d need to charge more.”

Aqua Coat’s waterborne Top Coat also enables La Lune to use dip tanks instead of spray booths. “That makes the process easier, faster, and less expensive,” Mario said. “We use less product, generate less pollution, and it’s cheaper for labor, as well.”


Working with a Partner

Mario appreciates Aqua Coat’s personal approach. “They’re very receptive to whatever we need. They respond right away. If we need 50 gallons, we get it within a few days. Brian [Barry, president] and his staff are great to work with. It’s always nice to do business with people you like, when you know the company owner and he’s interested in your business.”

Why look elsewhere? “The product is excellent, service is wonderful, and we can get it quickly as we need it,” Mario concluded. X

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