Top Coat Additives That Give You a Quality Finish to Your Project

When you read the product descriptions of some finishes, you might wonder if you need a degree in chemistry to make the right choice. The best products have some additives that will give you quality results. You want your finished project to look professional and not amateurish, so let's look at some additives we use to make our high-quality wood finishes:

Coalescing agent. Here's an additive that helps all of the molecules in the top coat blend together to make things nice and smooth, especially in a gloss finish.

Defoaming agent. You usually apply a very thin top coat with a fine brush, foam pad or cloth. Yet even when you take all the care in the world, you may still get some bubbles. The defoaming agent keeps this from happening and again contributes to a smooth as glass finish.

Self-leveler. As the name suggests, this additive keeps the top coat flow smooth and even. Brush strokes tend to disappear and an uneven application smooths itself out.

When you are looking for a finishing touch to your project, make sure you have a product that gets the job done like our Clear Lacquer here. And if you have any questions, feel free to call our experts at 1-877-886-2422 or email us at We're happy to help you get quality results.


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