Aqua Coat Clear Grain Filler used on transferring images to wood

Aqua Coat was notified by another happy customer from DASS ART about how they use Aqua Coat Clear Wood Grain Filler for their projects.  One surface they transfer images to is the beetle kill blue pine.  To use wood for this process the surface must be prepared.  This involves using the clear grain filler to fully fill the wood grain before sanding it smooth.  That is where Aqua Coat Clear Wood Grain Filler comes in handy.  Wood substrates are one of the most popular surfaces for image transfers.

“The Aqua Coat was the perfect product to fill all the grain and holes without losing the pine look.  Without the Aqua Coat to fill the grain and seal the wood the transfer would not work at all.”

For more information on the process of transferring images to surfaces, visit

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