Build Your Next Project Using a Kit to Save Time and Expand Your Technical Skills

Why use a kit? While there is something to be said for marking, cutting, assembling, and finishing a project from scratch there are a few times that it makes sense to use a kit instead. Here are several advantages to using a kit for a wood project:

  • Much of the measuring and cutting is done, if your goal is the final project, not necessarily the experience
  • A kit will save you time if you have a deadline to meet, say for a birthday or holiday gift
  • A kit normally comes with a plan and directions, so you can learn how to produce something you don't normally build

Kits vary widely with materials included and level of expertise needed so research carefully to find out what is provided and what isn't.

From Woodcraft, a basic chair kit using 2 x 4s
Also from Woodcraft, a more challenging, museum quality chair

Use a kit to introduce, with your help and supervision, the joys of woodworking to a young person and start them on the DIY road!

From Rockler, a candy-maze dispenser kit
From Home Depot, a simple bird house kit

Wood kits are available online for every ability level but stick with well-respected brand names in the woodworking and DIY industries where you can expect a high level of quality and guidance.

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