Finishing Kits Now Available

Wood fnishing kits

Aqua Coat now has finishing kits available! Promote the natural character and beauty that wood has to offer and protect it with Aqua Coat Clear Grain Filler or High Performance Clear Wood Grain Filler and Clear Lacquer Topcoat.


Aqua Coat Grain Filler is perfect for oak, ash, mahogany, walnut, and other porous woods and is a favorite of manufacturers, contractors, hobbyists, and musicians. The grain filler penetrates and seals the pores, minimizing the absorption of your topcoats, achieving a glass smooth, clear finish in less coats. Apply Aqua Coat Clear Lacquer over the grain filler to provide superior toughness, durability and water resistance necessary for high wear surfaces. For that glass smooth finish, start and finish all your wood projects with Aqua Coat.


Kit includes: Pint of grain filler, quart of lacquer, sanding pad and applicator.

Save money by buying the kit!


If you'd like to learn more about our water based grain and pore fillers, our environmentally friendly wood stainsor our top coats, and sanding sealers, contact us today.

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