Furniture Restorer using Aqua Coat on his projects


“As a conservator/restorer of fine furniture, I was looking for a water-based system to replicate the look and clarity of a shellac finish. I have used the X-119 product in the past but was pleasantly surprised with the outcome and clarity of the Aqua Seal Sanding Sealer, and the lacquer provided a beautiful topcoat with exceptional depth, and color over my dye/gel stain base.  No toxic solvents to mess with, no reaction to the high humidity of western Florida, and to the untrained and trained eye, a shellac look-alike finish that brings out the grain and beauty of this 160+ year old chair. Thanks for the great products. “  


Thank you Greg for sending us pictures of your furniture using Aqua Coat products.  We are always looking to hear about new projects from customers.  Please send your pictures to so we can proudly display them for you.

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