Music Box Shows Attention to Detail

music boxThis music box is a real gem! The photos are from our customer David Buonanno showing his recent project. The dimensions of the music box are roughly 12” long, 6” deep and 6” high. 

Using a combination of different types of wood gives the piece high interest. The sides are made of Curly Maple dyed crimson red, the top is Waterfall Bubinga also dyed crimson red, and the lid trim, base trim and feet are Gabon Ebony which is the original black color, with no dye. 

A finish like this takes incredible patience. There are 12 thin coats of Aqua Thane Water Based Top Coat (Gloss), buffed smooth by hand. When you want to showcase the wood grain, this is how you do it.

inside the music boxAttention to detail is carried over to the interior complete with its musical mechanism. The same exterior colors and wood grain are on show here on the inside. Craftsmanship is evident on all aspects of this music box. Thanks to David for letting us showcase his work!

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  • Chris Spagnoletti

    Sweet Jesus.. those boxes came out nice.

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