Keepsake Box Fabricator Switches to Aqua Coat for Better Results

Thank you to Rich for sending us these images of one of his keepsake boxes using Aqua Thane.


"I have been fabricating hardwood keepsake boxes for 10 years.  I manufactured these boxes inhouse and had outsourced the finishing that contained high VOCs and odor.  After receiving complaints of the odors from my staff and customers, I decided to bring the finishing inhouse and look for an alternative.  After checking around I decided to try Aqua Thane. The finish in not only stunning it is very durable.  The decision has made my customers and staff happier using low odor/low VOC products.  Now I have not only confidence that my customers will be thrilled, I also know they will breathe safe!


We are always looking for images of your projects using Aqua Coat.  Please send them to so we can proudly display them for you.

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