Keepsake Box using Aqua Thane

Lignum and Tiger Wood Keepsake Box (1)
"Not only do I use Aqua Thane by Aqua Coat because it is just an incredible finish but also because of the "Great Service and Advice" I know I'll always get from Aqua Coat.  I may be a small shop but there are hundreds of boxes living all over the world I've fabricated and finished with Aqua Thane Gloss.  These boxes are Heirlooms that will be around for a long time and I have confidence knowing they will always look great because I use Aqua Coat."Lignum and Tiger Wood Keepsake Box 2 (1)
For the richest looking wood, use Aqua Thane to get better mar resistance and moisture protection.  This acrylic urethane blend is intended for clear or lightly pigmented coatings where flexibility and a high degree of hardness are required. It has excellent adhesion to wood and a variety of plastics. It can be brushed or sprayed.  It offers exceptional mechanical stability and wetting properties.
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