Fine Cabinetry Work on this Mahogany Chest of Drawers

chest of drawers

From our customer Bill Carriker comes photos of his latest project, a solid mahogany chest of drawers. The design is similar to an eighteenth-century bachelor's chest with four drawers, three of the same size and a smaller top drawer. The drawer fronts are veneered with matched mahogany. The top of the chest has a satinwood border and a centered lamp-design inlay. A pull-out shelf which may be used for writing is located just below the top surface. The bracket feet feature a fretwork pattern, and the brass drawer pulls are a Chippendale design. 

The chest is finished using Aqua Coat Wood Grain Filler, giving it an easy-to-use base for the shellac and lacquer top coats which have been hand-rubbed to a deep luster.

mahogany chest of drawers


  • Eric Robinson

    Great work, Bill!


    This is rich. To produce furniture of this quality requires an impressive amount of focus, patience, and skill. Superb!

  • Diane Miller

    Bill’s work is awesome.

  • Elaine Petrea

    Bill is a friend of mine, and I am so proud of the work he does. He really works hard.

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