Stunning Guitars Utilize Aqua Coat Water-Based Finishes - Photo Winners Announced

Guitars Finished Using Aqua Coat Water-Based Finishes

Thank you to everyone who submitted stunning images of their guitars using Aqua Coat's eco-friendly, water-based finishes.  They all turned out great.

Here are a few images from our first set of winners:

-Jay from California

- Maikel from the Netherlands

We will be announcing the second set of winners on Thursday so be on the look out to see if your images were chosen.

If you missed your chance to submit photos, please feel free to still send them to and tell us how our products helped you finish your project.  We are always looking for good quality photos so we can proudly display them for you.

Instrument Finishing and Finishing Products

Aqua Coat is a leading manufacturer of finishes and coatings for guitars, pianos, violins, drums, and more. If you'd like to learn more about our water based grain and pore fillers, our environmentally friendly wood stains, or our top coats, and sanding sealers, contact us today.

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