Woodworking Ranks Number 6 on Top Jobs Without a College Degree

Aqua Coat found this interesting article in Woodworking Network written by Robert Dalheim about jobs in the woodworking industry.  Robert talks about how woodworking ranks number 6 on top jobs without a college degree.


Carpentry has come in at number six on a list of top jobs that do not require college degrees.


The list, from skilled trade advocate foundation SkillPointe, features jobs in technology (software developer topped the list), construction, and healthcare. Truck driving also made the list at number five.


"Good carpenters are always in demand," writes SkillPointe. "You’ll find yourself working on construction sites or on home improvement and remodeling projects.  As a carpenter, you'll learn the skills to cut, measure, and shape lumber in lots of useful ways and how to put all kinds of woodwork together."

Here's the full list:

  • 1. Software Developer        
  • 2. Systems Analyst        
  • 3. Electrician
  • 4. Police Officer                        
  • 5. Truck Driver                          
  • 6. Carpenter                        
  • 7. Plumber                      
  • 8. IT Support Specialist          
  • 9. Nurse - LPN / LVN            
  • 10. Certified Nursing Assistant        
  • 11. Auto Mechanic
  • 12. Teacher Assistant                    
  • 13. Medical Assistant                  
  • 14. Industrial Machinery Mechanic      
  • 15. Network Administrator              
  • 16. Heavy Equipment Operator      
  • 17. Training and Development Specialist
  • 18. Paralegal and Legal Assistant        
  • 19. Social Services Assistant        
  • 20. Information Security Analyst      
  • 21. Welder
  • 22. Dental Hygienist  
  • 23. Machinist
  • 24. HVAC Technician
  • 25. Laboratory Technician

SkillPointe ranked the jobs by looking at SkillPointe user behavior, Bureau of Labor Statistics, National Employment Matrix, Occupational Employment Statistics, The Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey, and Emsi Burning Glass, 2021.


"While retail and hospitality have faced significant challenges related to the Covid-19 pandemic, other industries still offer amazing opportunities with lots of growth, strong salaries, and future job security, all without a college degree," said Todd Wilson, SkillPointe Founder. "These jobs do require some training, but fast-track options are available at local community colleges and trade schools for a fraction of the cost of a four-year program. Employer apprenticeships are also a great option."


SkillPointe also found:

  • The high-growth jobs featured on SkillPointe represent 2.3 million job openings in 2021
  • Given continued challenges, retail and hospitality rank below other industries
  • Construction, Technology, Healthcare and Public Service jobs dominate the Top 25
  • Construction has the most jobs on the list, featuring six, and is expected to grow with increased infrastructure spending
  • High-growth energy jobs (such as Wind Turbine and Solar Technicians) did not make the list due to a lower number of job openings when compared to larger industries
  • Top jobs by category:
  • Highest Salary - Software Developer
  • Most Available Jobs – Truck Driver
  • Best Future Growth – Information Security Analyst


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