Directions For Use Equipment Cleaner


Paint Brushes: Allow brush to soak completely in a container of Aqua Coat Equipment Cleaner (Soak for one hour or less). Remove and clean brush thoroughly with water. A wire paint brush cleaner may be used for hard-to-clean brushes. (Longer soaking times may be required for brushes with dried paint or stain.) Use caution when soaking synthetic brushes to avoid swelling of bristles.

Spray Equipment: Spray Aqua Coat Equipment Cleaner through sprayer until clean. DO NOT leave Aqua Coat Equipment Cleaner in the lines of spray equipment. If necessary, remove parts from equipment and soak in Aqua Coat Equipment Cleaner. (Caution: O-rings and rubber gaskets may swell from soaking.) Before applying your next finish, be sure to spray coating through equipment until finish is no longer mixing with any remaining Aqua Coat Equipment Cleaner.

Aqua Coat Equipment Cleaner may be re-used after filtering debris from used solution.

Do not let product freeze.