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Spray-Net Ottawa-West uses Aqua Coat Grain Filler to transform kitchen
May 14 2020

Look at this awesome transformation from Spray-Net (Ottawa-West) using our grain filler. These before and after images are great. BEFORE USING AQUA COAT GRAIN FILLER AFTER USING AQUA COAT GRAIN FILLER

Aqua Coat's President being Interviewed on APC's Paint Radio podcast about Aqua Coat White Cabinet Grain Filler
May 07 2020

Listen to Aqua Coat’s President on APC’s Paint Radio podcast educating contractors on how to use Aqua Coat White Cabinet Grain Filler to obtain a smooth finish on kitchen cabinets. Achieving a glass smooth finish with grain fillers is not as hard as you’d think. Especially with today’s modern products. Learn everything you would ever want to know about grain fillers in the Paint Radio podcast.

With Grain Filler or Without? You decide.
April 30 2020

With Grain Filler or Without? You decide.   Woods such as oak, mahogany and walnut are characterized as having “open grain” because the wood pores are large. In contrast, “closed grain” woods like hard maple, cherry, poplar and beech have smaller pores. You don’t have to fill the pores of any wood before applying a finish. It’s a matter of what you want the final surface to feel and look like.  ...

April 28 2020


Thinking Thursday - What are VOCs and should we be concerned?
April 23 2020

  News stories about chemical dangers in food, in health products, where we work and in our homes, appear almost daily, so we worry.     Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) are carbon-containing compounds that, as the product dries, get released into the air where they react with other elements to produce ozone, which in turn causes air pollution and health issues. It makes sense, then, to limit those VOCs in our...

Thinking Thursday - What are your most common questions about Aqua Coat products or wood finishing questions?
April 16 2020

Send us your most common questions you have or receive from customers.  These might be questions other people have and with your help we can give them the answer.  Aqua Coat has a link with our most frequently asked questions about our products and general wood finishing questions.  If you haven’t already, take a look and see what you didn’t know yet.  We would love to add any helpful frequently asked questions...

Looking for Images from Customers
April 09 2020

A testimonial from a customer: "This product is fantastic! We have red cabinets that I wanted to paint off white. We wanted to kill the grain so I practiced on our laundry room. They are beautiful! I just ordered enough to hopefully finish my kitchen." We are always looking for images to share from happy customers using our products.  Please email images to sales@aquacoat.com.  

Looking for something to do?
April 06 2020

It's a good time to bring out wood's natural beauty. Aqua Coat is your home for water based, non-flammable, non-combustible, low odor, low-voc, eco-friendly and easy to apply paints, seal coats, top coats, sanding sealers, stains and fillers. Switching to water based products might save you time and money. Visit us at www.aquacoat.com for products to help you with your home projects.

Weekend Handyman - Aqua Coat White Cabinet Grain Filler at the National Hardware Show
March 30 2020


From Start to Finish – Finishing Cabinets with Aqua Coat Products
March 25 2020

From start to finish – Finishing Cabinets with Aqua Coat Products If you’re here, you probably already know about Aqua Coat’s line of environmentally friendly water-based, low VOC products. You almost certainly know of our excellent reputation for quality. Our products aren't just designed to make you feel good about using them, and they are meant to create a finished project that looks great. If you don't already know about...

Aqua Coat - Who Uses the Product?
March 25 2020

Who uses environmentally friendly Aqua Coat products? And what can you use them for? After all, some might consider it a niche market with limited applications. Well, they would be mistaken. Aqua Coat products are used by any number of professionals and hobbyists for countless applications. That's because all of Aqua Coat's products – stains, seal coats, topcoats, and grain fillers - all of our low-odor and low-VOC are crafted...

Eric Reason talks with Brian Barry about Aqua Coat Grain Fillers and Water Base Coatings
March 09 2020


Thinking Thursday - Why choose water-based products?
March 05 2020

Fifty years ago, virtually all paint products were solvent based.  They contained high levels of organic compounds.  These solvents facilitate application, drying and the formation of a durable, regular film.  On the negative side, when these compounds evaporate, they release Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere resulting in a strong odor and toxic impact on the environment.  Stricter environmental regulations have required paint manufacturers to dramatically reduce the levels...

Thinking Thursday - Why use a sanding sealer?
February 27 2020

Applying sanding sealer is a vital step in finishing high-quality furniture and trim. The difference between a project with a professional-looking finish or one that just looks okay is attention to detail and patience. Attention to detail means taking the time to prepare the wood properly and patience means you need to take extra time to finish the project. One of those extra steps is to use a sanding sealer....

The Recycled Workshop
February 23 2020

  We at Aqua Coat are all about sustainability and staying as environmentally friendly as possible. We also recognize that things still need to get gone. Projects still need to happen, and the works don't stop. As such, we like to provide you with advice that will help you to get done what you need to get done in as environmentally friendly a way as possible while even saving you...

What to do with Left Over Paint and Stain
February 22 2020

  You’ve bought plenty of environmentally friendly, water-based paint, stain, and other products from Aqua Coat. You've used recycled or reclaimed wood from pallets and other sources. You've refinished furniture rather than throwing it out and buying new. Where that was impractical, you've repurposed it. You've been as environmentally conscious as possible in how you conduct your business and pursue your hobbies. However, if you are anything like me, no matter...

Thinking Thursday - What causes blotching?
February 20 2020

Blotching can be caused by stain penetrating deeper into some parts of the wood than in others.  It depends a lot on moisture in the wood and the types of wood.  It is common with woods that have uneven densities. Hardwoods like oak and maple do not usually need blotch protector because due to the hardness they absorb stain consistently across the wood.  Softwoods such as pine, birch and some...

Thinking Thursday - What you need to know about water-based film formation
February 06 2020

During the process of film formation, which is the water evaporating from the coating film, both temperature and humidity in your environment are some of the factors that affect the formation of a water-based coating.  Application of a water-based product to a surface whose temperature is above or below 50 to 80 degrees F could cause the coating to have poor durability.  Temperature is only one of the external factors...

Listen to APC's Paint Radio podcast informing customers how to use Aqua Coat Grain Filler
January 29 2020

Listen to APC's Paint Radio podcast informing contractors how to use Aqua Coat White Cabinet Grain Filler to obtain a smooth finish. Achieving a glass smooth finish with grain fillers is not as hard as you’d think. Especially with today’s modern products. Learn everything you would ever want to know about grain fillers in this week’s Paint Radio podcast. Listen anywhere you find podcasts. APC offers a free subscription to painting contractors.  Click here...

Why Should I Choose Enamel Water-Based Paint When Painting Doors and Woodwork?
January 24 2020

Fifty years ago, there was no option when painting surfaces that required enamel-like doors, furniture, baseboards, and trim in your home. The only choice was oil-based paint. While it lasted a long time and created an attractive result, there were many cons to using oil-based paint. In fact, there was no choice for painting walls, interior or exterior, or when staining furniture, decks, and woodwork. Today, most people choose water-based...

Aqua Coat Grain Fillers
January 24 2020

These are not your grandfather's grain fillers. Grain fillers are used frequently by manufacturers and do-it-yourselfers. Over time, grain fillers have gotten a bad reputation and fell out of favor. They were solvent-based with a nasty odor. They took a long time to dry. They were tough, which made sanding a long process, and they also created a lot of messy dust. They were also solvent-based and not very well...

How to use Pallets for Outdoor Furniture, Fencing or Other Projects
December 20 2019

The high cost of outdoor furniture can deter you from making your yard and garden the paradise you dream of and deserve. But if you have a little do it yourself in you, you can build lots of great outdoor furniture, fencing, and other objects at very little cost. How you may ask? Consider the wonderful and often free pallet! Wooden pallets are a great idea for many projects as...

When Should You Use Water-Based Stain?
December 20 2019

When we think of wood stains, we often assume that all stains will be oil-based, and not water-based stain.  The art of staining wood is centuries old. The original stain used natural pigments and dyes from plants and minerals. These were often essentially thinned paints that rendered opaque colors and tones Even though stains have been in popular use for about a hundred years, it was first mass-produced and marketed...

November 19 2019


Mr. Build It- Refinishing Oak Cabinets | Aqua Coat Hide Grain
November 19 2019


OBrienGuitars - Luthier Tips du Jour Mailbag 35 - Aqua Coat pore filler
November 19 2019


Paint Life TV/ The Idaho Painter-GRAIN Filler for Cabinets.... Aqua Coat Wood Grain Filler
November 19 2019


Paint Life Tv/ The Idaho Painter reviews Aqua Coat Clear grain filler.
November 19 2019


Expert Advice on Grain Fillers
October 26 2017

From Canadian Woodworking and Home Improvement an article about pore fillers, aka grain fillers, including Aqua Coat's Clear Wood Grain Filler. He compares the pros and cons of using oil- vs water-based products and lists a series of steps to take for a professional finish.


Pillsbury Snyder Mansion Renovation Uses Aqua Tone Stains
October 13 2017

In this historic Minneapolis mansion, built in 1913 for John and Nelle Pillsbury Snyder after they survived the sinking of the Titanic in 1912, renovation included bringing back to life the woodwork in the original ballroom. Non-profit NuWay House Inc purchased the house in 2014 and has restored rooms full of carved woodwork. This required many gallons of our Aqua Tone stains! Here's a few of the renovation photos:  ...

Help the Green Living Center's RePurposeful Program
October 04 2017

We are happy to pass along this information from the Green Living Center: "A few years ago, we started a collection effort to reduce the amount of waste in our industry. New and unused fabric samples, wood flooring pieces, tiles...you name it, we collected it. Over 120,000 pounds have been collected just in SE Wisconsin over the last few years and we’ve given 98% of it a new home for...

Customer Spotlight: HJT Woods
September 26 2017

One of our best customers, Jim Tobias at HJT Woods, uses a variety of Aqua Coat products when making his decorative boxes. Made from the finest woods and veneers, it's easy to see why Jim's one-of-a-kind work is ideal for that special gift that will become the family heirloom passed on for generations. By request, Jim will also take on custom projects. Pictured below are some of Jim's decorative boxes. For...

Restoration Professionals Use Aqua Coat Wood Finishing Products
September 15 2017

Here at Aqua Coat we often say that if you want a professional wood finish, then use our products. We are proud to say that our customers include professional woodworkers and restorers. They trust Aqua Coat finishes and so you, too, can be assured of the quality results you can get on your projects. We are always happy to showcase the work that our customers produce. For example, Andrew is...

Top Coat Additives That Give You a Quality Finish to Your Project
August 25 2017

When you read the product descriptions of some finishes, you might wonder if you need a degree in chemistry to make the right choice. The best products have some additives that will give you quality results. You want your finished project to look professional and not amateurish, so let's look at some additives we use to make our high-quality wood finishes: Coalescing agent. Here's an additive that helps all of the...

Refinish or Recycle? Questions to Ask Before You Throw Out Your Old Furniture
July 28 2017

It doesn't take more than a few minutes of scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram before you realize that being handy has its advantages, meaning that instead of throwing out old furniture you may be able to rescue it by either refinishing it or recycling it. Your main consideration is, how much time, patience, and expertise do you have to do a good job?  If it's a good piece of furniture...

The Benefits of Being Social Offline
July 07 2017

Being on social media is a great way to find information and solutions to problems, but as a woodworker, either hobbyist or professional, sometimes you just need to talk to someone in person or watch a process done live before you understand it. For example, YouTube is a good place to start when looking for information, but you still have to search and sift through the results to find a...

How to Stain Wood, Lessons Learned
June 21 2017

When you own a home that is over 100 years old which has been added to, partially destroyed, and has endured a century of decorating mistakes, you try your best to renovate in a way that's liveable and yet is sympathetic to the original house. But what to do when you've stripped about ten coats of paint from an original door and you need it to match as closely as...

Aqua Coat Products Sold Through Woodcraft
June 08 2017

We are at the Woodcraft show! Click here for the video.

Build Your Next Project Using a Kit to Save Time and Expand Your Technical Skills
May 26 2017

Why use a kit? While there is something to be said for marking, cutting, assembling, and finishing a project from scratch there are a few times that it makes sense to use a kit instead. Here are several advantages to using a kit for a wood project: Much of the measuring and cutting is done, if your goal is the final project, not necessarily the experience A kit will save you time...

Wood Turned Bowls
April 14 2017

This wood-turned cherry bowl from our customer Keith Gruber illustrates how well Aqua Coat Wood Grain Filler fills the unevenness of the wood and helps to create a smooth and highly polished finish. The finish used here is Renaissance Wax. If you are interested in woodturning, click here for an introductory article from the Woodworker's Journal.

Rustic Live Edge Table from Vondriska Woodworks
March 10 2017

A popular feature of rustic decor is live edge wood, which shows the natural edge of the wood and keeps the original lines of the trunk along its edges. From Vondriska Woodworks we have a beautiful example of a live edge in this table. To get this finish, George uses two coats of a seal coat followed by two coats of Aqua Coat Tabletop Commercial Finish (Self Cross Linking).     ...

Thinking About Spray Applications?
March 01 2017

For a serious woodworker, there comes a point when it makes sense to move to a spray finish, maybe due to the size of a project or a wish to make things go faster. The next question is, what type of spray gun? Below is a description of the major spray gun categories to get you started on your shopping. Some of Aqua Coat products can be used in spray...

Looking for a Smooth as Glass Finish on Wood?
February 10 2017

When we say that using our grain filler produces "a smooth, glass-like finish" we aren't kidding. Case in point, see the photos below from our friend George Vondriska at Vondriska Woodworks. Our Clear Wood Grain Filler helps to fill the pores in woods, such as oaks, ash, and other hard-to-fill woods. It can be used on raw wood or after staining, sealers, or topcoats.             ...

Getting That Smooth Wood Finish: Expert Advice
January 20 2017

Back in July 2016 I listed several tips for a beautiful brushed finish (click here for the blog post). In this recent article from the Woodworking Network, Scott Wunder gives you more helpful tips: 1. Apply thin coats 2. Pay attention to your brush strokes 3. Keep a wet edge 4. Do finishing work horizontally 5. Choose the right brush Click here for his complete article.

Sanding Sealer Key to a Fine Wood Finish
January 04 2017

The difference between a project with a professional-looking finish or one that just looks okay, is attention to detail and patience. Attention to detail means taking the time to prepare the wood properly and patience means you need to take extra time to finish the project. One of those extra steps is to use a sanding sealer. Why? Wood is not a smooth surface and any stain or topcoat you use...

Custom Cabinetry for Aquariums
December 14 2016

Here at Aqua Coat we highlight the way our customers use our wood finishing products, either on our blog, or elsewhere on our site and on our social media pages. Recently, we received photos from Custom Aquariums where they build, yes, custom aquariums, using quality wood construction and cabinetry. We considered that to be an interesting use of cabinetry and thought you might want to take a look. This cabinet is...

Aqua Coat Clear Grain Filler Gets Rave Reviews
November 30 2016

Aqua Coat Clear Grain Filler gets rave reviews as the best pore filler to enhance the beauty of wood. Paul Levine of Levine Handcrafted Guitars says that he had used clear epoxy before, however, our Grain Filler dries much faster than epoxy. He hasn't had any problems with shrink back and it is much easier to sand. Paul says saving time and less work has made Aqua Coat his go-to...

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing: New Video Shows How
November 16 2016

If you are curious about using our Grain Filler and how it improves the look of a painted kitchen cabinet, watch this video from Sam the Finishing Man. He shows you how to get that professional finish on a DIY cabinet renovation project. Click the link here: Cabinet Refinishing
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