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How to Apply Gel Stain January 07 2014

Gels are very easy to apply and give you good control over color and depth. ALWAYS TEST a small area or sample board before starting your project. Use a clean rag (T-shirt type material, old terry-cloth towel, cheese cloth, etc.). Gel stains can be applied much like a paste wax or shoe polish. To avoid lap marks, try applying gel to smaller sections, keeping a “wet edge”  between each section....

Advantages of Gel Stains January 07 2014

Our water-based stains come in almost every color imaginable. Some advantages to using gel stains: They won’t run on vertical surfaces such as chair legs No light or dark areas or blotches Easy to apply Good control over color and depth

How to Fill Wood Grain January 07 2014

"Open-grain" wood structures such as oak, mahogany, and ash are difficult to fill with clear finish. Aqua Coat Clear Grain Filler levels wood pores for a smoother finish. It can be applied with a small rubber squeegee, an old credit card, or a buffing pad. A popular method is to apply it much like paste wax with a circular motion, working it into the grain. Apply 1 to 2 coats...

Why Fill in Wood Grain? January 07 2014

If you prefer a glass-like finish, such as on a desk or tabletop, you have to fill in the open pores of wood with a filler. Oak, mahogany, and walnut are good examples of "open grain" wood, but a filled grain will give a very smooth finish. When the grain is unfilled it can have a semi-rough look. Filling is more a matter of preference for the look you want...
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